Pikes Peak Soap Box Derby

June 27, 2019
Hold on to your hats-Zoom!!

Griffith Centers for Children made history by capturing the 1st place and 3rd place in the Super Stock Pikes Peaks Soap Box Derby Regional championship. The winnings could have not happened without the support and dedication from Monument Hill Kiwanis, who mentored and prepared three Griffith Centers’ participants for 5 weeks prior to the event. On race day, the three boys entered the derby track ready to show the world how much of a powerhouse Griffith Centers for Children is with dedication, support and speed.

Special thanks goes out to the Griffith Centers’ staff and children who helped prepare for the derby, set up and tear down the derby track, and care for all of our children during this process. Lastly, thank you to Monument Hill Kiwanis for your continued support and dedication. Your impact on our youth is appreciated.  

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