Day Treatment Program

Most young people who have experienced trauma have unique challenges in their educational goals. Challenges can range from loss of credits due to school moves, challenging school environments, a lack of commitment to education, and various other challenges that are a priority at that time.

The Day Treatment Program is an alternative to Residential Treatment and is suited for individuals who are able to function with lower amounts of structure when school is dismissed.


To provide each student with a quality education that is engaging, interesting, and will help meet educational goals. We offer an alternative therapeutic educational experience for students struggling with emotional, family, other related issues, and whose needs are not being served in their current educational environment.

Quality of Service

The Colorado Department of Education regularly monitors and evaluates our program to ensure its high quality.

We are accredited but AdvancEd., and the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children, Inc.

Hallmarks of Our Program

We offer specialized instruction for students from K through 12th grade. Through an individualized school program design and academic and behavioral testing. Our desire is for the best possible education for our clients.

  • Classes are separated by age groups, skill level, and other special needs.

  • Low student-to-teacher ratios.

  • Students receive individual math & reading intervention to increase achievement on a weekly basis.

  • General Equivalency Diploma (GED) program offered for students who qualify. 

  • Support students progress who are going to public school in our area.

  • Transition services for students returning to public school. 

  • i-Ready assessments show advancement in credits and content by more than 1½ yrs of grade level for every 180 school days at Griffith Centers.

  • Classes are offered year-round as credit recovery.

  • Support for higher-risk students.

  • Students receive clinical services of individual, family, and group therapy. 

The students at the Griffith Centers for Children are given the attention and support needed to overcome obstacles, thus getting back on the road to success and graduation.

For more information on our educational services please contact us below

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