Donor Spotlight: Monument Hill Kiwanis Club

February 28, 2019

Thank you,
Monument Hill Kiwanis Club

Saturday mornings at 8:00 am, Rich Rima and Max Williams attend their weekly Monument Hill Kiwanis Club meeting. This club has a remarkable 158 members. The relationship between Griffith Centers for Children and Monument Hill Kiwanis Club (MHKC) started over 20 years ago. They first became involved through our annual Peak Challenge event. Since then, MHKC has assisted our fundraising efforts by participating each year in Peak Challenge, and providing the majority of volunteers required to execute our annual golf tournament. Additionally, MHKC supports our Griffith’s Kitchen annual culinary competition through their attendance at this entertaining and delicious event.

Monument Hill Kiwanis Club Meeting
Rich Rima and Max Williams

The Monument Hill Kiwanis Club is a premier Colorado service fellowship organization, renowned for: building character in children, supporting organizations that provide opportunities for youth, and performing as an integral partner with and for the Tri-Lakes Community. Through their core values of committed fellowship, impactful services, and powerful philanthropy, the Monument Hill Kiwanis Club makes a difference for youth and the community by supporting the Griffith Centers for Children Chins Up in several ways.

Pikes Peak Soap Box Derby Race

In May and June of every year Kiwanis Club members volunteer to serve as mentors for selected Griffith Centers for Children students who earn the opportunity to participate in the Pikes Peak Soap Box Derby program.  MHKC provides cars that the students disassemble, reassemble, and race.  MHKC mentors provide assistance to our students as they learn about tools, instructions, attention to detail, and competition.

Not only does MHKC support our fundraising efforts and provide leadership service opportunities to our youth, they also provide assistance with property maintenance, and improvements on our facility when needed. Overall, MHKC volunteers contribute over 300 hours annually to support our organization and mission.

Monument Hill Kiwanis Facility Project

When asked their most memorable Griffith Centers for Children moment, they shared a story about a kinetic race. “There was a contest to build a vehicle solely propelled by youth”. According to Rich, it “kind of worked… [they] worked hard, and I thought it was neat”. The boys were excited to help and work towards a goal, “it was inspiring”.

Kinetic Race

The passion and commitment Monument Hill Kiwanis Club shows Griffith Centers for Children demonstrates how strong they are in their mission. We applaud their performance in making a difference for youth and the community, and will continue to support the Monument Hill Kiwanis Club.

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