What a day we had in Denver working mile 12 as a water station for the Colfax Marathon! With a Luau theme, Luau music, and Luau costumes, our staff and children enjoyed helping runners finish the race. It felt like the moment you filled up a cup of water, it was taken and a new cup was needed. With thousands of runners competing in the Colfax Marathon our water station was busy! The children who helped were wonderful in not handing out water but also by encouraging the runners to finish strong! At one point the children and staff made a human tunnel for the runners to run through. Lots of high fives were given out along with the water.

Not only did we have children and staff working at the water station, we also had two teams of five competing as a team in the marathon relay. The marathon is divided up between 5 check points which allow 5 runners to do a relay race instead of the 26.2 miles all at once. We had 5 boys and 5 staff be a part of the two teams needed for the relays. We are happy to announce all 10 runners survived the race! IMG_2641 IMG_2638