pink crop and blur

This photo was originally taken to enter into a contest on social media to win $1000. The goal was to be creative in showing your love for your nonprofit and we WON the challenge! An extra $1000 is always great when you work for a nonprofit. I personally love this photo because it represents who we are and why each person is at Griffith. For instance, we have our COO, Ken Lingle pictured who has been working at Griffith for 20 years! A commitment to Griffith Centers and all of the many boys who have come through the program. He works in social work because he loves what he does. We have Dave Hagood, our P.E. Teacher, at the bottom of the heart, celebrating 15 years with Griffith. He is truly a staff member with a smile on his face and typically always laughing. He loves what he does because he gets to teach the students activities he loves to do (rock climbing, snowboarding, sports, hiking, etc.). Zach Guzeman, therapist at Griffith has moved up throughout the different jobs offered here. He has basically worked in every department that is related to the children we serve and is now a Clinical Therapist for us. In his free time he enjoys running and decided to run with any boy at Griffith who would like to also run.  We have several other staff listed who day in and day out always are here for the students who may spit on them, kick them, and curse at them. We work with students who have been through too much trauma and don’t know how to cope with it. So who do they take it out on? Our staff. We love what we do because a difference is being made. We may not see it on a regular basis but change is happening in the lives of each student in this picture!