A discussion of love from a new foster parent. They’ve been waiting for a child to come to them for a long time, then little miss Lila came into their lives through foster care. She is 3 months old, has a feeding tube and can only eat a tiny bit at a time. These foster parents are loving, tenacious and patient beyond measure! And they love with their whole hearts!

This was written by the foster mother on her experience being a foster parent.

“Let’s talk about love…

Love is getting up 6-8 times every night to vent (burp though her stomach tube) this innocent child every night despite the exhaustion that makes it so difficult to open your eyes and move.
Love is holding and soothing this sweet, innocent child as she retches and dry heaves several times every day…as your heart breaks and tears well up in your eyes from watching her go through this terrible pain.
Love is driving wherever necessary at any time of day to take her to any doctor who can possibly help her learn how to suck and swallow and develop normally.

Love is not infatuation at a beautiful, smiling child whom you carried in your womb while continuing to feed your drug addiction…all the while jeopardizing her health…so much so that you both would not have made it if they had not revived you. Love is not flowery words with selfish actions that caused the very difficulties she fights daily which she never would have had to face if not for the evils to which you subjected her.

Yes, Love is verbally affirming her, telling her of our love…and
Love is action, showing her in ways she will acknowledge and in so very many ways she will never even notice or understand, that we are here for her and that she is safe and has everything she needs to thrive in life.

Love is being committed to
Take care of her…whatever that may entail,
Provide for her…whatever her needs may be,
Put her needs above our own…every hour of every day for the rest of our lives.

Love is your heart breaking and being more full than you ever thought possible…all at the same time!”


We so much appreciate our foster parents and the sacrifice they make for children in need in our state. If you feel compelled to give towards our foster care agency please do through here.

Items needed by foster care on a yearly basis:

Tickets to museums, sporting events, concerts. If you have season tickets you can spare for a game please consider donating them. Foster parents are only reimbursed for housing and feeding the child. This does not cover taking the child to new experiences such as the zoo, a basketball game, or movies.

Car seats that are still in regulation.

Gift cards to baby stores or groceries stores. This is then easy for us to hand to a foster parent who may of had a child placed with them late the evening before.

To make an in-kind donation please click here

To learn more about fostering and the foster care system please contact Maggie at maggie.petock@griffithcenters.org.