• Total # of children in foster care nationally:
  • 402,378

  • Total # of children waiting to be adopted from foster care:
  • 101,840

    *source: Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System Fiscal Year 2013. Data through July 2014

    Foster care facts about foster children

    Why foster care? When is it necessary for a child?

    Answer: When other services fail to protect children while they are with their family of origin, it becomes necessary for the children to be removed from the family for their own safety from abuse and/or neglect and entered into foster care.

  • Total # of children in Colorado's foster care system:
  • 5,851

  • Medium length of stay  (months):
  • 11.2

  • # of waiting children to be adopted in the state of Colorado:
  • 490

    *Source: Child Welfare Outcomes Report Fiscal Year 2013. Data through Sept. 2013

    Try to put yourself in the place of the foster child. They have been taken out of their home (oftentimes with little or no warning). In an instant, they lose contact with their family, their friends, and sometimes they lose all of their possessions, including toys and even clothing. Their life is literally turned upside down when entering foster care.

    That is where the foster parents (called providers) from Chins Up enter the picture. Through guidance by home supervisors and caseworkers, the foster care provider seeks to alleviate the natural anxiety which a child feels when placed outside of his/her home.

  • Total # of children in Colorado's foster care system:
  • 5,851

  • Total # of children in foster care in El Paso County:
  • 661

  • Age range of children in foster care in El Paso County:
  • 33.6% of children are between ages 0 – 5 years of age.

    27.7% of children are between 6 – 12 years of age.  38.7 % of children are 13 and older.  *El Paso County’s “Children Waiting for Adoption” website

In some instances, returning home for the child is not an option. At that point, the foster care provider has the option of considering giving the child a permanent home through adoption.

As a foster care provider with Chins Up, you will receive professional support (and, as necessary, 24/7 crisis intervention), financial reimbursement, Medicaid assistance for each child placed in your residence, free on-going training and foster support groups. Our approved Care and Share food bank program also helps to provide needed nutrition assistance for our children in foster and adoptive families.

Providing foster care is not for everyone. Less than one-half of one per cent of all of the people in the United States have ever been foster parents. But if you would like to make a difference in the life of a child, then being a foster care provider might be for you. To get started click here.


We are thrilled to announce the Barnett family was recognized by the Governor of Colorado for the commitment and service to fostering children in need. They have been a wonderful foster family through Chins Up for many years.

Click on the photo for the link to the article written by  the Gazette and video link. 

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*Figure based on the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services 2007 Child Maltreatment report.