Griffith Centers for Children specializes in providing a full continuum of therapeutic treatment and academic services for boys and girls and families. We are licensed and nationally accredited to serve children from birth to 21 years of age. We provide community programs such as family preservation, day treatment, education and counseling services. Griffith Centers also provides residential-based programs such as foster care and shared family care, respite services, adoption, group homes, residential treatment (staff secure and open) and independent living services.

The Griffith Centers for Children Chins Up is an Equal Opportunity Employer


  • Youth Treatment Counselor (Colorado Springs)
  • POSITION: Youth Treatment Counselor

    LOCATION: Colorado Springs, CO

    SCHEDULES AVAILABLE: Up to 40 hours per week

    GRIFFITH CENTERS for CHILDREN utilizes an experiential approach along with traditional forms of treatment for troubled boys. The experiential approach includes a ropes course, mountain climbing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, snow boarding, camping, and hikes.

    JOB DESCRIPTION: Program implementation—Implementation of all lodge based treatment programs. Assist in the transportation of clients per supervisor’s request. Assist in providing recreational and leisure activities. Provide consistent messages to clients, avoid “power struggles” and intervene and assist in the resolution of crisis situations between clients. Provide consistent, full-time supervision for lodge clients at all times to ensure accountability of clients (especially note transition times to and from administration, school, gym, and evening/weekends). Special staff assignments as primary contact to assure regular face-to-face contact with clients. Required to implement and or participate in physical restraints of the clients when necessary. Provide routine documentation, prepare daily reports, and assist the team in completing treatment reports.

    ENVIRONMENT: Assure that the lodge is a clean, safe, healthy treatment environment, which meets all licensing requirements. Supervise and facilitate client care of the environment. Request via requisitions any resources necessary to fulfill this. Recommend any changes, which would enhance the treatment environment. Complete fire drills as necessary to assure compliance with the Griffith Centers for Children standards.

    QUALIFICATIONS: A minimum of 60 credit hours from an accredited university. Experience of one year in a related field and demonstrated competence may be utilized to waive the college education.

    REQUIREMENTS: Must remain in on-going contact with the direct supervisor, work a minimum of one shift a month, attend mandatory in-service trainings and stay updated on the training requirements.

    If you have any questions please contact Larry Welch, Director of Human Resources at larry.welch@griffithcenters.org

    All applicants must be at least 21 years of age. All positions require background checks including employer, criminal, national sex offender, child welfare database, MVR, physical, TB, and drug test. This employer participates in the E-Verify program.

    Equal Opportunity Employer
    Location: Colorado Springs

    • This is a part-time job.
    • This is at a non-profit organization.
    • Please, no phone calls about this job


  • Culinary Specialist (Colorado Springs)
  • Culinary Specialist (Colorado Springs)


    The Culinary Specialist is directly responsible, under the direction of the Food Services Manager, for the safe and effective food preparation, serving, and clean-up for a 3 meal-a-day facility.

    1. Must have 1-2 years’ experience in food preparation, serving, and clean-up.
    2. Experience working in and around a busy kitchen environment.
    3. Focus on food and workplace safety.
    4. Must be able to cooperate with staff and residents, communicate effectively, and follow supervisor’s directions.
    5. Able to work with sensitivity to the cultural and/or socioeconomic diversity of the clients and staff.
    6. Professional appearance.
    7. Be in good health and free of any communicable or infectious diseases.
    8. Be at least 21 years of age.


    1. Prepare and serve meals and snacks according to posted menus.
    2. To order required supplies (i.e.: food, cleaning, etc.) according to stated guidelines.
    3. Follows standardized recipes.
    4. Utilizes approved cooking methods to retain nutrient content of foods prepared.
    5. Stores left-over foods appropriately and makes provision for future use.
    6. Maintains cleanliness and order of Dietary Department and storage areas.
    7. Cleans own work area.
    8. Responsible for following cleaning and assignment schedule.
    9. Monitors and reports problems to the Food Service Supervisor regarding day to day equipment condition.
    10. Checks invoices against deliveries for kitchen and signs for them as assigned.
    11. Other duties as assigned.
    12. Provide input to Food Services Manager regarding dietary policies/procedures and schedules.
    13. Maintains control of food, supplies and kitchen areas in absence of the Food Service Supervisor.
    14. Be aware of and participate in Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) processes.
    15. Ability to observe, instruct and train resident workers participating in our culinary program.
    16. All other tasks as identified as necessary by supervisor.


    Will be under the direct supervision of and will be evaluated by the Food Services Manager.

  • Accounts Receivable Assistant
  • Title:                           Accounts Receivable Assistant

    Department:              Finance

    Reports To:                Director of Finance

    Position:                     Hourly Non-exempt


    Processes accounting data to develop accurate information and serves as primary support to other accounting positions.


    • Associate’s Degree or equivalent educational experience in accounting field.
    • Must have a minimum of three years of experience in accounting.
    • Knowledge of general accounting practices and standard office procedures.
    • Skill in auditing and analytical review.
    • Skill in producing assigned computerized reports.
    • Experience in billing government entities a plus.
    • Skill in using standard office equipment, including ten-key adding machine, personal computer, and copy/fax machine.
    • Experience with Outlook, Excel, Word, Database and general Accounting software.
    • Ability to communicate in a courteous and professional manner.
    • Ability to prioritize.
    • Ability to work independently and in a team environment.
    • Knowledge of Company policies and procedures.
    • Physical ability to stoop, kneel, bend, use a computer and perform light lifting.
    • Required to pass a criminal background check, drug screening, physical exam, and have a valid driver’s license.


    • Provide support to the account receivable team
    • Responsible for billing governmental agencies (both electronic and manual)
    • Review and reconcile billing
    • Check for authorization of services
    • General data entry, filing, and client support.
  • TSP Home Supervisor

    The Transitional Skills Program (TSP) Supervisor is responsible for ongoing TSP program development and implementation and maintenance of a therapeutic environment.  Supports the Therapeutic Residential Child Care Facility (TRCCF) services and staff and development and access of community resources for increasing life skills, opportunities, and practical experience as TSP client’s progress from residential treatment to complete emancipation.  Reports to the Chief Operating Officer.



    1. Bachelor’s degree and 3 years experience working with at-risk adolescent clients. At least 1 year of this experience should exhibit productive work with adolescents in Transitional Skills living circumstances.
    2. Able to effectively supervise and direct the actions of staff and residents..
    3. Perform duties and responsibilities in a way that is in keeping with the child care philosophy of the Home.
    4. Ability to relate to children and adults, have a conviction about the capacity of people to grow and change, and have a desire to learn and develop proper childcare skills.
    5. Able to work with sensitivity to the cultural and/or economic socioeconomic diversity of the Home’s clients and staff.
    6. Be at least 21 years of age.
    7. Must have a Colorado Driver’s License


      1. Program development – development, implementation, assessment and revision of types/frequency/focus of interactions with designated TSP clients (not solely in the TSP program), and ongoing development of relationships with local businesses and resource agencies.  Programming should always include appropriate developmental and clinical needs of the clients.  Programming will also include, but not be limited to, the following items:

    • Provision or access to all services required of agencies serving transition/Transitional Skills living clients.
    • Internal request for resources or programmatic changes which would enhance TSP services; to include how TSP operates within the Griffith Center continuum of care and needs of clients in other parts of this continuum.
    • Advisement of and collaboration with TRCCF residential supervisors in regards to appropriate preparation and transition of clients from the TRCCF setting.
    • Implementation of a comprehensive curriculum of life skills, to occur on at least a weekly basis.
    • Monitoring of trends and research in regards to proficiencies required of clients to successfully emancipate; with appropriate modification of programming, when feasible.

    2.  Supervision of staff – ongoing supervision and training of staff, with documentation of supervision and training.

    • The TSP supervisor will fill the supervision role whenever on campus. All Supervisors are responsible for the growth/development of staff, regardless of other specific responsibilities.
    • May be assigned staff to supervise at any time, either temporarily or on a permanent basis.
    • Will supervise any additional staff required as the result of further growth in the TSP program (trackers, mentors, overnight staff, etc.).
    • Will be responsible for all other appropriate and/or assigned duties expected of TRCCF residential supervisors.

    3. Professional Responsibilities

    • Participate in professional growth opportunities.
    • Recognize problems and actively contribute to their resolution.
    • Collaborate with others to fulfill responsibilities relative to education, therapy, wilderness, and milieu goals and priorities.
    • Demonstrate concern for clients’ health and safety.
    • Be aware of and participate in Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) processes.
    • Actively participate in all meetings, staffings, trainings, etc. to demonstrate professionalism.
    • Maintain client confidentiality.
    • Enhance communication with clear, objective verbal or written feedback and documentation.
    • Report to work on time and represent the agency at all times in a manner that conveys professionalism, respect, and concern for our clients.
    • Complete all paperwork promptly.
    • Complete all responsibilities prior to taking time off; and leave detailed information for staff assuming IL Supervisor duties prior to taking time off.
    • Dress appropriately to activities being performed/attended.
    • Be prepared for meetings.

    4. Environment – Assure that on a regular basis, the TSP house and TRCCF lodges are clean, safe, and healthy environments which meet all licensing requirements.

    • Recommend any changes that would enhance the treatment environment.
    • Complete regular reviews of systems, programming, and requirements to meet licensing standards.

    5. Experiential – Actively participate in all wilderness, equine, or other experiential activities as deemed necessary by the treatment team and/or administration.

    • Facilitate experiential activities in the TSP house and community will enhance clients’ understanding and proficiency in accessing employment, education, community service, transportation, meal planning and preparation, and all other appropriate community resources.
    • Propose experiential activities which would enhance the emancipation process and experience.
    • Recommend changes that would enhance wilderness programming for TSP clients.
    • Cooperate and contribute to team members planning experiential trips or activities.

    6. Client-focused responsibilities – Work directly with TSP clients, whether in the TSP program or still in TRCCF, to assure preparation for emancipation is being addressed in a productive manner.

    • Provide all other support and accountability services to the clients not specifically addressed here, but appropriate to their individual development as they prepare to emancipate.
    • Provide tracking services on the frequent and regular routine established with your supervisor. Tracking includes phone contact, unannounced contact at work, school, and the TSP house; as well as documentation of all contacts with the client.
    • Offer individual contact time to work with each client regarding specific growth areas, plans to meet growth goals, and provide ongoing support and accountability for choices.
    • Modify content of house meetings as appropriate, with approval of your direct supervisor.
    • Facilitate weekly house groups/meetings that include review of schedules, group dynamics, problems, current issues, house rules, life skills education, etc.
    • Complete skills assessments of all TSP clients to determine individual needs.
    • Develop relationships early to determine individual needs of clients.

    Identify clients upon their admission that have treatment plan goals, which include completion of TSP programming.

    7. Medical – Assure accommodations are being made and medical needs are being met, and all documentation is complete.

    • Learn and understand medications each TSP client is prescribed.
    • Review all medication documentation for accuracy and compliance.
    • Request changes necessary to enhance medication compliance, appropriateness, etc.
    • oversee all medical, dental, and vision appointments being made and followed through on in a timely manner consistent with GCC requirements.

    8. Crisis Prevention and Intervention – assure crisis situations are managed in a safe and professional manner.

    • Complete, or insure completion of, required documentation of any crisis situation.
    • Complete charge duties as assigned.
    • Recommend system changes to improve management of crisis situations.
    • Access and utilize all resources and personnel to facilitate this responsibility.
    • Require and review client’s schedules, routes of transportation, safety plans, and other community contacts.
    • Proactively work as a member of the treatment team to determine and manage risk of clients in the TSP program.


    9. General –

    • Accept and fulfill assigned responsibilities and duties in a prompt and efficient manner.
    • Follow the Griffith Centers for Children policies, procedures, and any other rules, regulations or procedures that may be established by the administration.
    • All other duties deemed necessary by administration.
    • All staff are expected to communicate directly with their supervisor, in advance, regarding their inability to meet any of these standards.
    • Perform all other tasks as identified as necessary by supervisor.